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Pitcher: why he’s needed in baseball

A pitcher is one of the key positions in baseball and one of the most important players on a team. Here are a few reasons why pitchers play such an important role in baseball:

  1. Throws at bat: Pitchers throw the ball at an offensive hitter in an attempt to make the hitter miss (swing and miss) or hit the ball so that it cannot be successfully batted away. Proper throwing allows the pitcher to control the game and prevent opponents from successfully striking out.
  2. Defence and Base Zone Control: Pitchers play an active role in base zone control because their throws can direct the ball to one side of the field or the other. This allows them to influence the play, for example, by throwing the ball to the baseman to cut off the runner’s attempt to reach base.
  3. Holding Runners: Pitchers can use hit throws and pick-offs to hold runners on the bases, preventing them from attempting to steal bases.
  4. Game Changing Momentum: Changing pitchers can change the momentum of a game. For example, a team may change the starting pitcher to a thrower with a different throwing style to confuse opponents and make the game less predictable.
  5. Professional Merit Management: Experienced pitchers can make judgements about how and when to throw pitches based on opponents’ weaknesses and the situation on the field. This requires intellectual and tactical thinking.
  6. Opposing batters: Baseball is a duel between pitchers and batters. The pitcher’s ability to overcome the resistance of strong baseball players is a key aspect of the game.
  7. Maintaining Strength and Stamina: Pitchers can be replaced after a set number of throws to maintain their fitness and stamina, which is important for a long season.

Overall, pitchers play an important role in shaping the flow of the game, controlling the field, and preventing opponents from successfully attacking. Their throws and tactical vision of the game make them key members of the baseball lineup.