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Baseball rules you should know

Baseball is a sports game that has many rules and nuances. Here are some basic baseball rules that are good to know:

  1. Playing Field: The game is played on a long and narrow field with four bases: first base, second base, third base and home base. There are base lines between the bases.
  2. Teams: There are 9 players on each team. One team plays offence (batters) and the other team plays defence (pitcher and defenders).
  3. Throwing (pitching): The pitcher (team’s defensive player) throws the ball towards the batter (team’s offensive player) who tries to hit the ball with a baseball bat.
  4. Throwing Zones and Strike Zones: There are strict throwing zones and strike zones and the ball must cross the throwing zone for the umpire to recognise a throw. The batter must attempt to hit the ball if it is in the strike zone.
  5. Fouls: A foul occurs if the throw does not cross the throwing zone or the batter does not hit the ball. A foul may result in a change of pace or the batter being thrown out of the game.
  6. Bases: The team’s goal on offence is to advance players to bases around the infield. Players run from first base to second base, then third base and finally home base to score a run (run).
  7. Exit from the game: A batter is out of the game if he is hit by three foul balls or foul balls and the goalie (catcher) catches the ball. In a pitching game, the batter may be replaced by another pitcher.
  8. Outs: There are different ways to get outs, including catching a fly ball, throwing to a base before the player reaches it, and others. An offensive team may get three outs, followed by a change of sides.
  9. Game parts (innings): A game consists of nine or more game parts, called innings. In an inning, each team has a chance on offence and defence.
  10. Winning: The team with the most points (runs) by the end of the game wins. If one team has an insurmountable advantage, the game may be ended early.

These are the basic rules of baseball, and the game has many details and strategies. Experienced umpires and teams are required to know the rules well in order to participate effectively in the game.